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In Poseidons Reich VIII

2003 | Lelystad

The eight conference »In Poseidons Reich« was held in Lelystad (Netherlands).



In cooperation with:










A. Raban

Recent Underwater Research at the Ancient Harbours of Caesarea.


D. Evangelistis

Preliminary Survey in the Bay of Giagana Cephalonia, Ionian Sea.


L. Golschmitz-Wielinga

Dormant Below the Waves for three Centuries. Valkenisse: A Village, Lost and Found.


D. Kourkoumelis, P. Micha

"The Syrna II" Roman Wreck in the Aegean.


W. van Duivenvoorde

The Tekta Burnu Ship: Slivers of Wood, Copper Nails and Tacks.


J. Park

The Recovery and Conservation Processes for the Covehithe Dug-out.


W. M. Bausch, P. Winterstein

Analysis and Origin of an Anchor Stone from the Collection WEYAND.


M. Dean

Exploitation of Multibeam Sonar Technology for the Study of Shipwrecks.

S. Oni

Database and Sustainable Management of Underwater Archaeology, Case of Nigeria.

P. Palma, H. Jöns

Introduction to the Culture 2000-Project Monitoring, Safeguarding and Visualization North-European Shipwreck Sites.


H. Jöns, M. Manders

The Shipwreck Sites of the MoSS-Project.


M. Manders, P. Palma

The Main Themes of the MoSS-Project.


J. Gawronski

Oostenburg: Archaeology of the VOC Shipyard.


A. van der Zee

Batavia Yard.

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