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In Poseidons Reich X


2005 | 26.-27.02.05 Berlin


The tenth anniversity of our conference series was crowned by an exceptional successful and important event. The theme of this year "Underwater Archaeology in University Research and Teaching" has met with great international response, as university courses in this emerging discipline are still in a process of establishment. Hence this occasion was also used to introduce new programmes world-wide. In contrast to the impressive developments and track records of some of our foreign colleagues, the integration of underwater archaeology in the German university system is still unsatisfactory. Although several efforts have been made - particularly in Kiel - to comprise underwater archaeology, a thorough review of archaeology curricula has not taken place. This problem was discussed in following a round table debate with representatives of the German Archaeological Institute and the Kommission für Unterwasserarchäologie (KUWA) et. al.


Programmes of Higher Education in Underwater Archaeology


Dr. Joe Flatman | Department of Archaeology, Flinders University

Maritime Archaeology in Southern Australia: Problems, Possibilities & Solutions.

Jeremy Green | Maritime Archaeology Department, University of Western Australia

The Department of Maritime Archaeology & Western Australian Maritime Museum: the Experience of Teaching Postgraduate Maritime Archaeology from 1980 to 2005.


Dr. Massimo Capulli ( speaker ), Dr. Luigi Fozzati Dr. Adalberto Console | Instituto di archeologia della Università Ca' Foscari Venezia

La situazione dell'archeologia subacquea in Italia e il Progetto Archeomar-Carta Archeologica dei fondali italiani.


Dr. Andrzej Kola, Dr. Gerard Wilke | Archäologisches Institut der Nicolaus-Kopernikus Universität in Torun
Unterwasserarchäologie an der Nicolaus-Kopernikus Universität in Torun. Forschungen und Didaktik mit Tauchausbildung.


Prof. Dr. Marek Jasinski | Institute of Archaeology and Studies of Religion, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Trondheim

Seven Seas - Maritime Archaeology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.


Prof. Dr. Carl Olof Cederlund | Södertörns Högskola Huddinge
Marine Archaeological University Teaching and its Conditions and Development in Sweden.


Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sahin | Institut für Unterwasserarchäologie, Selcuk Universität Konya

Das Institut für Unterwasserarchäologie an der Selcuk Universität in Konya und seine Projekte.

United Kingdom

Dr. Jonathan Adams | Centre for Maritime Archaeology, University of Southampton

Maritime Archaeology at the University of Southampton: Integrating Education and Research.

Daniel Zwick | Centre for Maritime Archaeology, University of Southampton

The Education at the Centre for Maritime Archaeology from a Student's Perspective.

United States of America

Prof. Dr. Donny Hamilton | Institute of Nautical Archaeology, Texas A&M University
Institute of Nautical Archaeology and Nautical Archaeology Program: History of both Institutions, their Interaction and Role in Student Education.

Prof. Dr. Wayne Smith | Institute of Nautical Archaeology, Texas A&M University

Nautical Archaeology Program and Conservation: Facilities and Training of Students on how to Conserve Waterlogged Materials.

Dr. Filipe Castro | Institute of Nautical Archaeology, Texas A&M University

Starting a New Project in Panama; Student Involvement and Opportunities.

Prof. Dr. Cemal Pulak | Institute of Nautical Archaeology, Texas A&M University
Institute of Nautical Archaeology in Bodrum, Turkey: an Overview on its Organization, Projects and Student Involvement. Starting a New Project in Panama; Student Involvement and Opportunities.

Wendy van Duivenvoorde | Institute of Nautical Archaeology, Texas A&M University
Nautical Archaeology Program from a Student's Perspective.

Prof. Dr. Cheryl Ward | Department of Anthropology, Florida State University

Research in Underwater Archaeology at Florida State University and Seeking Roman Pirates on the Cilician Coast: 2004 Season.

Prof. Dr. Timothy Runyan | Maritime Studies Program, East Carolina University
Nautical Archaeology and Maritime History at East Carolina University: Academic Programs and Field Research.


Underwater archaeological initiatives in university and extramural education


Dr. Veit Stürmer | Winckelmann-Institut der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Unterwasserarchäologie aus der Sicht des Klassischen Archäologen. Theorie und Praxis am Winckelmann-Institut der Humboldt-Universität.

Dr. Ralf Bleile | Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte, Christian-Albrecht-Universität Kiel

Zwischen Forschung und Lehre - die Unterwasserarchäologie an der Christian-Albrecht-Universität Kiel.

Prof. Dr. Konrad Zimmermann, Henrik Pohl | Heinrich Schliemann-Institut für Altertumswissenschaften, Universität Rostock
Schiffsarchäologisches Seminar Rostock

Dr. Hanz Günter Martin | Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Unterwasserarchäologie (DEGUWA)
Auswertung der Umfrage zur akademischen Situation der Unterwasserarchäologie in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz.

United Kingdom

Dr. Simon Q. Spooner | Anglo~Danish Maritime Archaeological Team ADMAT

ADMAT's "Hands on" Approach to Maritime Archaeological Education and the Protection of Historic Shipwrecks in the Caribbean.


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