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Programme 17.-19. March 2017

"We're all in the same boat – the social importance of ships, rafts and ferries"

32 referees from 16 countries were selected from the submitted applications. The temporal framework ranges from prehistory to the 19th century.

For the presentation of the festive evening lecture 
Dr. Irena Radić Rossi has been invited to talk about the Gnalic wreck (Croatia).

Programme (version 15.03.2017)      Abstracts

Referees und Topics

Batur, Katarina; Bermanec, Vladimir:
The various cargo of Gagliana grossa, with special emphasis on raw materials and semi-products.

Bounegru, Octavian and Caliniuc, Stefan:
The Shipowners Organisation in the Pontic and Aegean Area in Roman Times.

Casaban, Jose Luis; Yamafune, Kotaro; de Oliveira Torres, Rodrigo; Batur, Katarina:
The systematic photogrammetric recording of the Gnalić shipwreck hull remains.

Cassiti, Patrick; Radić Rossi, Irena:
The products of German origin from the cargo of Gagliana grossa.

Čelhar, Martina et al.:
Prehistoric underwater site near the islet of Ričul in northern Dalmatia (Croatia).

Chalkioti, Areti:
The prehistoric maritime landscape in the Northeast Aegean: coastal changes and early maritime crossings.

Draxler, Matej; Stehlíková, Jana; Gaspari, Andrej:
Celtic-Roman Logboat from Ljubljanica river, Slovenia.

Enzmann, Jonas:
Land, River and Ocean.
The transport of rotary querns made of basaltic lava from the Eifel-region in the Roman Iron Age.

Gerasimov, Vyacheslav:
Unterwasserarchäologische Forschungen in den Gewässern von Tendra Halbinsel (Ukraine) im Jahr 2016.

Grossmann, Eva:
The Nails of Apollonia/Arsuf, Israel.

Juan, de Carlos:

The Bou Ferrer roman shipwreck (Villajoyosa-Spain), a field school for Philipps-Universität Marburg.

Kulesza, Wojciech:
Water transport in north-western Poland in the early Middle Ages.

Prokhorov Roman; Lukoshkov Andrei:
The Study of Ancient Ships on River Routes. Russia – Baltic States – Germany.

Mileszczyk, Małgorzata
The Lake Grid Dwelling in Rybno 1 (Piłakno Lake, Warmian-Masurian Voivodship) – the Impulse for new Interpretations.

Mirkin, Dan:
Peculiar Use of the 'Lateener' (Latin Sail) by Seamen in the Middle Ages.

Nicolardi, Mariangela; Bondioli, Mauro:
The role of Gagliana grossa in the historical interpretation of the Late Renaissance period.

Öniz, Hakan:
A New Discovery: 274 Slipways of A Shipyard of Dana Island-Cilicia.

Oliveri, Francesca and Lo Porto, Antonina:

A safe haven for ships: recent underwater research in Mozia, Western Sicily.

Olkhovskiy, Sergey; Shmatkov, Aleksey; Verhniackiy, Andrey:
3D Seismic Survey in Flooded Part of Phanagoria.

Pydyn, Andrzej and Radka, Krzysztof:
The Royal dugout – the Medieval early boats from the Lake Lednica in western Poland.

Radić Rossi, Irena; Casaban, Jose; Boršić, Luka:
The Gnalić Shipwreck in its social and cultural context.

Ravn, Morten:

Social organisation on board Viking-Age long ships – an experimental archaeological investigation.

Ridao, Pere; Gracias, Nuno:

The methodology and the results of the AUV (Girona 500) survey of the present state of the Gnalić shipwreck site.

Siepenkōtter, Christa; Titius, Wolfgang:
The role of volunteers in the underwater archaeological research: The case study of the shipwreck of Gnalić, Croatia.

Stefanile, Michele; Morra, Pasquale:
Homeric shipbuilding: trees, woods, tools and symbols.

Tisseyre, Philippe
Models for Charon: Death and toys warships in Sicily."

Tilley, Alec:
Some distinctive types of boat, and the distinctive people in them.

Vianello, Andrea:

Moving across rivers and lakes in prehistory.

Weßling Ronny; Konrad, Michael:

Drone on the water: multipurpose unmanned surface vehicles (mUSV) for photogrammetric surveying of submerged archaeology.

Wintjes, Jorit:
Schiffe, die die Welt verändern – kleine, hochseetüchtige Panzerschiffe am Beginn einer neuen Ära der Marinegeschichte.

Zmaić Kralj, Vesna:
Maritime trade connections within the Byzantine Empire in the Middle Ages, on the example of the sunken merchantman near Cape Stoba (island of Mljet, Croatia).

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