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Skyllis, Volume 16

Book 1 
contains conference constributions of the international conference "In Poseidon's Realm XXI" in Dresden 2016 with the focus on "Underwater archaeology - interdisciplinary approaches and technical innovations"

Book 2 contains further contributions from "In Poseidon's Realm XXI". Most of the contributions had been held at the conference "In Poseidon's Realm XXII - We are all in the same boat", Koblenz 2017.



Book 1

Table of contents

  • Jonas Enzmann, Feiko Wilkes
    How to document a wreck you barely see? - Advantages of Structures from Motion in waters with visibility of less than one metre
  • Roman Scholz, Luka Bekić, Mladen Pešić
    Fotobasierte Dokumentationsmethoden in der limnische und maritimen Archäologie - Fallstudie eines Schiffswracks vor der Insel Veruda, Kroatien
  • Laura Sanna
    Man vs. robot in underwater archaeology - Advantages and limits of using technology in the study of a wreck site
  • Francesco Tiboni
    Ten years of experience in instrumental underwater archaeology - A critic
  • Sebastiano Tusa
    The wide role of technology in the management of Underwater Cultural Heritage - Sicilian case studies
  • Antonia Sciancalepore, Egidio Severi
    New computer technologies applied to the underwater archaeology of Lake Bolsena (Lazio, Italy)
  • Felix Rösch
    The early Schleswig waterfront - Infrastructure and organization of a major trading port between Viking Age and Hanseatic League
  • Lucy Semaan
    Surveying the waters of Anfeh, Lebanon - preliminary results
  • Chiara Zazzaro, Romolo Loreto, Enzo Cocca
    3D surveying of an eighteenth century merchantman off the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia
  • Iván Negueruela, Rocio Castillo, Juan Luis Sierra (in collaboration with Patricia Recio and JUan Jesús Oliver)
    Deep waters archaeology - The 2015 campaign in the frigate "Mercedes" (depth 1136-1138m)
  • Małgorzata Mileszczyk
    Major inconvenience of local heritage? - The wetland battlefield by the Muchawka River


Book 2

Table of contents
  • Alessandro Pellegrini
    GIS Technology - A support for the interpretation of submerged sites and ancient environment
  • Luka Bekić
    Simuni, ein neuer Unterwasserfund aus der Bronzezeit in der Gespanschaft Zadar
  • Eugenia Loizou
    Late Bronze Age Harbours in the Aegean - Towards another theoretical approach
  • Alec Tilly
    Same Boat - Same People?
  • Maja Grisonic, Irena Radic Rossi
    Two Iásana fro the 4th century shipwreck at the island of Zirje, Croatia
  • Małgorzata Mileszczyk
    The Lake Grid Dwelling Rybno I - Impulse for New Interpretation
  • Morton Ravn
    Social organisation on board Viking-Age longships - An experimental archaeological investigation
  • Eva Grossmann
    The Nails of Apollonia/Arsuf, Israel
  • Maja Kaleb
    Iron Nails from the Shipwreck in Croatia
  • Sieghard Wagener
    The place of a rigging element of a 19th century brig
  • Jorit Wintjes
    Schiffe, die die Welt verändern - kleine, hochseetüchtige Panzerschiffe 1860-1870
  • Vladimir Romanovich Chepelev
    The Narva Boat - Another boat attributable to Tzar Peter I?
  • Miran Eric, Smiljan Gluscević, Andrej Gaspari, Tomasz Gvozdanović, David Pollack
    The first low-cost stereo photogrammetric research on underwater archaeological sites in the Adriatic Sea - A contribution to the history of the 3D documentation in underwater archaeology
  • Christoph Börker
    Ein Verbrechen auf hoher See - Miszellen zur antiken Nautik
  • Das Bücherbrett
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