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Skyllis, Volume 17

Issue 1 contains contributions of the international conference "In Poseidons Reich XXII" in Koblenz 2017 under the topic "We're all in the same boat – the social importance of ships, rafts and ferries" as well as further submitted contributions.

Issue 2 completes the contributions of "Koblenz, 2017" with two further essays and continues with eight works of the following conference "In Poseidons Reich XXIII" which stood under the topic "Waters as Resource" and took place in Tübingen, March 2018.

Issue 1


  • Hakan Öniz
    A shipyard on Dana Island, Cilicia - Twohundred and seventy-four slipways recently discovered
  • Andrea Vianello
    Moving across rivers and lakes in prehistory
  • Martina Čelhar, Mate Parica, Mato Ilkić, Dario Vujević
    A Bronze Age underwater site near the islet of Ričul in northern Dalmatia (Croatia)
  • Francesca Oliveri, Antonina Lo Porto
    A safe haven for ships - Recent underwater research in Mozia, Western Sicily
  • Sergey Olkhovskiy, Alexey Shmatkov, Andrey Verhnyatskiy
    Archaeological site survey using 3D sub-bottom profiler - A case study from Phanagoria
  • Vesna Zmaić Kralj
    Byzantine maritime trade - based on underwater archaeological finds of the eastern Adriatic
  • Patricia Brum, Ines Vaz Pinto, Ana Patricia Magalhães, Filipa Santos, Johann Müller
    The STORM Project and Coastal Erosion - The case of Tróia (Portugal)
  • Petr E. Sorokin, Tatiana M. Gusentsova
    Neolithische Fischsperren an der Neva - Die Fundstelle Okhta 1 in St. Petersburg
  • Tobias Pflederer, Max Fiederling, Daniel Neubauer, Detlef Peukert, Gerd Knepel, Sebastiano Tusa, Francesca Oliveri
    Underwaterarchaeological report on Mozia, Sicily 2017
  • Hakan Öniz
    Stone sarcophagi as filling material of the breakwater of ancient Side (Turkey)
  • Boris Dreyer
    Die FRIDERICIANIA ALEXANDRINA NAVIS (F.A.N.) - Nachbau sowie wissenschaftliche Erprobung und Einordnung der Replik von Oberstimm II. Stand des Baus Anfang Februar 2018
  • Hakan Öniz, Okay Sütçüoğlu
    Early examples of the protection of underwater cultural heritage in Turkey - Osman Hamdi Bey and the Ottoman government in the 19th century
  • Mathias Orgeldinger
    Im Meer versunken
  • Das Bücherbrett

Issue 2


  • Philippe Tisseyre
    Models for Charon: Death and toy warships in Sicily – The miniature ships of the necropolis of Via degli Orti in Messina

  • Andrzej Pydyn, Krzysztof Radka
    Der König der Einbäume – Ein mittelalterliches Boot aus dem Lednickie-See in Westpolen

  • Francesca Olivieri, Roberto La Rocca
    Tales from ancient ships – Inscribed and decorated anchor stocks from Sicilian seabeds

  • Renata Esposito
    Public and private Roman water reserves in the Phlegraean Fields

  • Nili Liphschitz, Iraena Radić Rossi, Cemal Pulak, David Ruff
    The Roman ship found at Trstenik (Gulf of Kaštela, Croatia) – The determination of wood species

  • Andrzej Pydyn, Mateusz Popek, Jakub Maciejewski
    Mittelalterliche Brücken zur Insel Kurhany im Łodygowo-See

  • Laura Sanna
    Water and the trading route – Evidence of "Maritime" Commerce on the Garda Lake (Northern Italy)

  • Iván Negueruela, Rocio Castillo, Juan Luis Sierra, Patricia Recio
    Deep water archaeology – The 2017 campaign in the frigate Mercedes (depth 1136-1138 m), Analysis of the culverins

  • Jorit Wintjes
    A harbour for an ironclad fleet – The development of Portland Harbour and its defences

  • Martin Bartelheim, Jeanne Féaux de la Croix
    Wasser-Denken am Syr Darya und Guadalquivir – Konzeptionelle Reflexionen zu Ressourcenkomplexen um zwei eurasische Flüsse

  • Daniel Zwick, Stafanie Klooß
    Das frühzeuzeitliche Schiffswrack von Hörnum Odde, Sylt

  • Vladimir Romanovic Chepelev
    Strug Moskvoretsky – An 18th century sovereign‘s travelling galley

  • Ralph Kunz
    DEGUWA-Vertreter bei der UNESCO in Paris – UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage 2001

  • Das Bücherbrett


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