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In Poseidons Reich

Archäologie unter Wasser

The chronological framework for the papers presented in this volume ranges from 5th century BC, when the Greek Skyllias dived for sunken wrecks, to recent investigations in shallow and deep water. Not only the spectacular wrecks of the Mediterranean - like the Mahdia, Uluburun, Giglio and Halonissos wrecks - are featured in here, but also research on pile dwellings in inland waters.

"In Poseidons Reich - Archäologie unter Wasser" was published as hardback (DIN A4) and is available in the stores for c. 15 €.
(In German with short English summaries, 104 pages, 166 illustrations, maps, plans in colour and b&w).

In Poseidons Reich - Archäologie unter Wasser. Verlag Philipp von Zabern, Mainz 1995
ISBN 3-8053-1643-7

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