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Schutz des Kulturerbes unter Wasser

In cooperation with the DEGUWA the Archaeological State Museum of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has published the IKUWA-1 proceedings: Schutz des Kulturerbes unter Wasser. Veränderungen europäischer Lebenskultur durch Fluß- und Seehandel. Beiträge zum Internationalen Kongreß für Unterwasserarchäologie (IKUWA '99).´

February 1999 in Sassnitz auf Rügen, Lübstorf 2000. ISSN: 0138-4279. Hardback, 623 pages, numerous illustrations, maps and graphs in colour and b/w, DIN A4, available for € 30,50 at the Archaeological State Museum MV.

Apart from numerous conference contributions (in German, English, French and Italian) this volume contains i.a. a brief introduction of various underwater archaeological organisations and practical aspects of underwater archaeology like geophysical surveys, analyses, restoration, exhibition and education. Last not least this volume contains also the complete transcripts of the round table discussions:


  • Discussion A: Heritage Legislation and Protection
  • Discussion B: Commercial Salvage and Art Trade

and concludes with the rationale for an international legislative framework for the protection of the underwater cultural heritage, which served as draft for the ratification of the homonymous UNESCO convention in 2001.

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