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In Poseidon's Realm XX: Land unter!

In Poseidon's Realm XX

Who has not seen them: Pictures of the small “Hallig” islands in the North Sea mud flats surrounded by high tides or photographs of the former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, wearing rubber boots and standing in the overflowing river Elbe? "Land unter!"

Flood control is not an invention of modern age. Man always attempted to avoid flooding of settlements and fertile grounds by digging sewers, building dikes and embankments or by other methods ‒ not always successfull. The Roman historian Cassius Dio e.g. tells us that during high water of the river Tiberis (Tevere) traffic on the Forum Romanum was possible only by boat (53, 33, 4). Nevertheless, such disaster often means a lucky coincidence for research. Especially, archaeology benefits particularly from destructions and the associated conditions of preservation. In this regard, above all, water plays an important role, because anaerobic environment is a prerequisite for the preservation of organic materials like wood, leather, textiles, relics of foodstuff and so on.

Such historically informative findings are cultural treasures rarely preserved in dry environment on land and met with only in especially favourable conditions. For this reason, the history of the protection of the cultural heritage under water as well as on land will be a main topic of the conference. Therefore, papers or posters describing the development of the idea of such protection and the way they are put into practice in the states of Germany as well as abroad are highly welcomed. Also, this topic is intended to underline the importance of Germany’s signing of the UNESCO Convention 2001 for the Protection of the Underwater Heritage, a signing very long waited for.

Furthermore, the subject area of the conference includes papers on new archaeological research of every kind and excavations below the ground water table as well as in salt and fresh waters. Brand-new methods and technologies of nautical, underwater and wetland archaeology will be as welcome as archaeological evidence of historical measures taken against flooding or rising ground water. So, “Land unter!” may be understood in more than one way. 

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Bernhard Steinmann
Steinmann, Bernhard
„Land unter“ als Motor kultureller Entwicklung? Das Fallbeispiel Kykladen
Marie-Pierre Jezegou
Jezegou, Marie-Pierre
To built and maintain under water: a wreck of the Late Antiquity used in the repair of a breach in the bank of the harbour channel of Narbonne
Vesna Zmaic Kralj
Zmaić Kralj, Vesna
Craft products of Nuremberg from the Mijoka shipwreck (Croatia)
Maayan Cohen
Cohen, Maayan
The Contribution of Metal Finds to the Study of Shipwrecks: Test Case – The Akko Tower Wreck
Hoyt, Joe und Delgado, James
Exploring a Submerged WWII Battlefield: Discovery of the U-576 and Bluefields
Holz als Baumaterial
Nili Liphschitz
Liphschitz, Nili
Three Yassi Ada wrecks: a comparative dendroarchaeological investigation
Roko Suric Surić, Roko und Šimičić, Marina
New research of Suleyman Bridge in Darda, Croatia
Ana Crespo-Solana
Crespo-Solana, Ana
Wood Resources, Shipbuilding and Social Environment: A Comparative perspective in Maritime Communities in Europe during the First Global Age (XV-XVIII)
Rocha Santos, Antonio und Trápaga Monchet, Koldo
“The administration of woodlands (Coutadas, Matas y Sitios Reales), regarding naval construction, on the Iberian Peninsula, during the 16th century”
Sergey Olkhovskiy
Olkhovskiy, Sergey
Shelley Wachsmann
Wachsmann, Shelley
The Ioppa Maritima Project
Oren Tal Dan Mirkin
Tal, Oren und Mirkin, Dan
The Castle of Crusader Arsur (Israel) in View of Land and Maritime Investigations
Darina Tully
Tully, Darina
The Sunken Village of Rosslare Fort, Wexford, Ireland
Zaraza Friedman
Friedman, Zaraza
Why and what type of ships/boats are depicted in clay objects from the Greek Geometric to the Roman Periods
Katerina Dellaporta
Dellaporta, Katerina
SHIPS ON WALLS: A short contribution on ship iconography from Byzantine Cyclades

Seeherrschaft in der Antike

Alexander Fantalkin
Fantalkin, Alexander
When the River Meets the Sea: A Neo-Assyrian Logistical Network in Operation
Jeffrey G. Royal
Royal, Jeffrey G.
Exploring the Economic Factors and Landscape of Naval Warfare during the First Punic War

Villae Maritimae

 Igor Miholjek  
Miholjek, Igor
Roman maritime villa at Vižula, Croatia
Stefanile, Michele
Living by the sea, building in the sea
Underwater researches in Roman maritime villas on the Thyrrenian coast of Italy.


Garry Momber
Momber, Garry
Early European connections across drowned landscapes
Laura Sanna
Sanna, Laura
Submergeds landscapes in the Marine Cave of Bergeggi (Liguria)
Plath, Gerhard
The correlations of Phaistos, Kommos and Agia Triada under aspect of coastal alterations.
Bounegru, Octavian und Caliniuc, Stefan
The Port of Histria during the Greco-Roman Antiquity.
Contributions on the Geomorphology of the Western Black Sea Basin
Harun Özdas
Özdaş Harun und Kızıldağ, Nilhan
Some submerged coastal remains in Caria and Lycia
 Salvatore Agizza-Teichos

Agizza, Salvatore
The ancient submerged landscape of MPA of Santa Maria di Castellabate on the Tyrrhenian coast (Italy)

 Massimo Capulli  

Capulli, Massimo
Archaeological landscape of Venice lagoon: The case of San Francesco island


Hochwasser und Flutkontrolle

 Agnes Malecha  
Malecha, Agnes
„... und alle waren wie Enten...“
 Philippe Tisseyre  
Tisseyre, Philippe
Flood control at Lipari Harbour (Italy).
 Uwe Arauner
Arauner, Uwe
Flusslandschaft der Donau und Siedlungsentwicklung aus hydrogeologischer Sicht
 Gerson H. Jeute
Jeute, Gerson H.
Hochwasserprobleme in Bremen und umzu im ersten Jahrtausend n.Chr. und die Möglichkeiten und Methoden ihrer Erforschung

Müller, Heike
Geflutetes Kulturgut – Auswirkungen des Staudammbaus auf den Denkmalbestand

Süßwasserarchäologie in Polen

 Andrzej Pydyn
Pydyn, Andrzej
Prehistoric submerged settlement on the Lake Gil Wielki in the Ilawa Lake District. An example of interdisciplinary approach.
 Dominika Kofel
Kofel Dominika und Popek Mateusz
Water offerings from the territory of Poland as an example of aquatic relations of the Neolithic and the Bronze Age societies
Nowakiewicz, T., Nowakowska, M. and Rzeszotarska-Nowakiewicz, A.
The Wetland and Underwater Archaeology of the Southern Baltic Zone in Antiquity: an example from Ermland and Pomerania (NE and NW Poland)
Tomasz Nowakiewicz Aleksandra Rzeszotarska-Nowakiewiecz
Nowakiewicz, T. and Rzeszotarska-Nowakiewicz, A.
Sacrificial Lake . Research of Nidajno bog (Masuria, NE Poland )

Unterwasserarchäologie in Deutschland

Detlef Peukert
Peukert, Detlef E.
Underwater Archaeological Discovery of “Werth- Mill” Deserted in Medieval Times and “Werth- Fording” in the Lahn River at Wetzlar-Garbenheim (Hesse, Germany): Investigation of a millstone remainder used differently and the structures of the mill house
Gunter Schöbel
Schöbel, Gunter
Die Anfänge des wissenschaftlichen Tauchens im VDST ab 1954
Hartke, Hinrich et al.
Die Anfänge einer wissenschaftlichen Unterwasserarchäologie als Komponente der Idee einer multidisziplinärenUnterwasserforschung an der Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR
Fragen zur UNESCO-Konvention 2001
Hristomir Hristov
Krasteva, Mariana  und Hristomir Hristov
Entwicklung der Unterwasserarchäologie in Bulgarien. Erforschung des unter Wasser liegenden Kulturerbes
 Thary Derudder
Derudder, Thary

The legal protection of wrecks of warships in the Belgian part of the North Sea:‘maritime war graves’ or not?

The implementation of the UNESCO 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage in the Belgian legislation
 Rolf Fabricius
Fabricius, Rolf W.
On Dive Trails and Underwater Audio Guides:
Giving a Voice to Heritage on the Seabed
 Elena Perez-Alvaro
Perez-Alvaro, Elena
Climate change and in situ preservation of underwater cultural heritage
 Dirk Timmermans
Timmermans, Dirk
Heritage for Reconciliation and Dialogue
Bajtler, Marta
Underwater finds from Risan, Montenegro. Season 2011
Beltrame, Carlo - Cesarano, Mario - Costa, Elisa - Zamboni, Lorenzo
The shipwreck on  the bank of the Padus Vetus river  and a plausible dock beetween early empire and late antiquity
Enzmann, Jonas
Aktuelle Forschungen der AMLA
Kızıldağ, Nilhan
Submerged remains of ancient Kekova in Antalya, Turkey
Oliveri, Francesca
The fortress under the lake. The case of Mazallakkar in Sicily.
Peukert, Detlef E.
Underwater Archaeological Discovery of the Medieval Deserted Mill "Werth-Mill" and "Werth-Fording" in the River Lahn at Wetzlar-Garbenheim (Hesse, Germany): Investigation of a Millstone Remainder used more than once and Structures of the Mill House
Özdaş, Harun
Some submerged coastal remains in Caria and Lycia
Radić Rossi, Irena und Siepenkötter, Christa
The Shipwreck of Gnalić; Sunken history of the Late Renaissance World
Dr. Andrea Vianello
From survival to preservation: water management in Veneto


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