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About the German Society for the Promotion of Underwater Archaeology - DEGUWA

The association of professional archaeologists, historians and scientists of related disciplines, as well as laymen and sport divers within the 'Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Unterwasserarchäologie e.V.' (DEGUWA) (= German Society for the Promotion of Underwater Archaeology) serves the goal to promote research and teaching in underwater archaeology and to enhance the protection of the underwater cultural heritage. All members of this society work on a voluntary basis.

The objectives are achieved by collaborations with universities, heritage agencies, museums, non-profit organisations and sport divers at national and international levels. Underwater excavations and surveys are carried out in cooperation with the responsible authorities.

The annual conferences »In Poseidons Reich« serve as venue for the exchange of the latest research, whilst our SKYLLIS journal serves its dissemination. Our training scheme follows the standards of the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS).

Stand: 12.2.2013

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