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This society is characterised by the great diversity of its members, because it encompasses not only archaeologists, but also scientists of other areas, students, sport and recreational divers, friends of Antiquity and interested laymen. In the strict sense nobody has to perceive him-/ herself as 'laymen' within our society, because surprisingly many professions and skills are relevant for such a universal discipline as archaeology.


Also recreational divers without an academic background can become important pillars of projects. The diving activities - whether in training or research - are the tip of the iceberg though. Our society has also much to offer for none-divers. Last not least it should be noted that the national attribute of our society's name is no mirror for its members, as our area of activities is not limited by political borders and our research is of international relevance.


Advantages for DEGUWA members:

  • You get new SKYLLIS issues
  • You receive invitations to the annual meeting and the annual conference 'In Poseidons Reich'
  • You can participate in expeditions, if you are adequately qualified. Beginners are not excluded - on the contrary!
  • You benefit from the national and international relations of the DEGUWA.

The expectation of our members:

  • To comply with the ethics: Archaeological remains - on land and under water - are the heritage of mankind. Their protection and study must not be impaired by commercial goals.

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Stand: 20.06.2018

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