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Research, teaching, protection of maritime heritage

21 February 2022

The annual meeting 2022 of DEGUWA e.V. on Underwater Archaeology


with the topic

Maritime Landscapes

will be held in close cooperation with the

Archaeological Museum of Istria (AMI)

from May 16, 2022 through May 22, 2022 in Pula, Istria (Croatia)

On the occasion of the 20th birthday of the UNESCO Convention for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage October/November 2001, a private sponsorship of 3000.00 euros was granted for the IPR XXVII congress. This consists of a travel grant for students and freelance scholars from abroad who will give lectures at the conference. The amount will be divided among the speakers concerned. The individual maximum amount is 300.00 euros.


The 20th issue of our journal SKYLLIS is available togther with an index volume to all twenty issues.

30 years of DEGUWA. On 11 January 1991, 15 archaeologists, historians, sports divers and friends of the ancient sciences gathered in Erlangen to found a non-profit society with the aim of promoting the preservation of the underwater cultural heritage and its scientific research.

The annual meeting 2021 of DEGUWA e.V. on Underwater Archaeology


with the topic

Safety and Waterways

due to the pandemic

on 8 and 9 May 21 as an

online conference

in cooperation with the
TRANSMARE Institute of the University of Trier

President Prof. Dr. Michael Jäckel



12 – 17 Februar 2020 at the Archaeological Museum Frankfurt am Main

with all contributions

with the possibility to up- and download.

Now available: The Leopoldina publishes discussion paper on underwater archaeology in the North and Baltic Seas

Press Release

On the occasion of our this year's conference in Frankfurt, the organisers could distribute the newly published Leopoldinas' (German National Academy of Sciences) discussion paper Traces under Water – Exploring and Protecting the Cultural Heritage in the North Sea and Baltic Sea (2019) to the participants and discuss thereon.

Regrettably, our non German-speaking friends could not participate thereof and an English edition of this valuable contribution on the protection of underwater heritage became a desideratum. Therefore, it is all the more gratifying that the publishers announced an English equivalent. This edition is now available und may be ordered as hardcopy or PDF via the internet. Please see here.

Once again, many thanks to Leopoldina and the authors of the paper. 

I hope the recommendation for Germanys' prompt accession to the UNESCO Convention 2001 on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage causes the responsible German Foreign Office to lay the foundations for ratification by the German Bundestag still in the 19th legislative period.


The statement can be accessed by the public at:


Peter Winterstein
Director DEGUWA

Statement on the Response of the German Federal Governmenon the Brief Inquiry on the Handling of Cultural Heritage on Seabed

Never make the same mistakes twice!
Contrary to earlier expectations and aroused hopes, it is not expected that the German Federal Government of the 19th Bundestag session edeavours after the ratification of the UNESCO Convention 2001 on the protection of underwater cultural heritage, let alone the implementation into national legislation.
However, in view of a general implementation into national legislation, we would like to remind a publication recently emerged. On the basis of a fundamental regulatory content analysis of Art. 16 of the convention, the publication clarifies which legal actions the signatories should take for realisation thereon:

On the occasion of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina’s publication of its discussion paper „Traces underwater: Research on and Protection of the Cultural Heritage in the North and Baltic Seas (2019)“, the FDP parliamentary group raised a Brief Inquiry on the Handling of Cultural Heritage on Seabed owards the German Federal Government on March 2, 2020. The answer to the president of the German Bundestag was given by the Foreign Office on March 13, 2020. At first glance, the statement “According to current state of planning, the Federal Government strives for the undersigning of the UNESCO convention on the protection of underwater heritage until the end of the year 2021” appears positive and pleasant. However, at closer look at this statement of intent,...

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