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Skyllis, Volume 19

Nachruf auf Nili Liphschitz (1944 - 2019)

Katharina Meyer-Regenhardt


The „Masquerade Small ship“ of Peter the Great

Vladimir Romanovich Chepelev


Reconceptualization of the Contemporary Maritime Museum

Do we Really Need the Original Waterlogged Wooden Artefacts and Objects ?

Miran Ericˇ - David Stopar - Franc Solina - Katja Kavkler


The Significance of Detailed Analysis of 3D Cloud Points Which Include Data

that the Human Eye can Overlook

The Case of a flat-bottomed Ship from the Ljubljanica River


Red Dye and its Transport Routes

Eva Grossmann


Evidence for Coastal Quarrying Documented by the Bogsak Archaeological Survey (BOGA)

in Eastern Rough Cilicia, 2016 - 2018

Michael R. Jones


Das Torpedoboot T 66 und seine Identifizierung

Eine unterwasserarchäologische und militärhistorische Nachbereitung von ‘Open Spirit’ 2015

Robert Samuel Langner - Uwe Wichert


„Gain Overcomes Everything“

A Mariner’s Perspective on the Use of Harbours and Anchorages

in the Hellenistic and Roman Mediterranean

Yannis Nakas


Navigable Rhine Arms as Determinants for the Shift of the Settlement Focus

in the Xanten Area between Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Ingo Runde

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