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IPR XXIV, Bodrum, Turkey


Contact zones:
Archaeologie between water and landcoast-, sea- and rivershores

in Bodrum, Turkey

in close co-operation with Academia Mediterranea Halicarnassensis, the city of Bodrum and der Dokuz Eylül University of Izmir
under the patronage of the President of the Academia Mediterranea Halicarnassensis

Review of "In Poseidon's Realm XXIV":

1. The abstracts with all contributions

2. the report of the conference, written by Luisa Goldammer, Anne-Kathrin Piele, Thomas Reiser and Anja Rutter

3. more photos are available here.

Documents and information in advance:

Registration form for all participants (Link)

Call for Papers

Programming Offers (12 March 19)

Lecture Programm (21 March 19)

Call for Posters

Bodrum Research Center / Institute of Nautical Archaeology (INA).

Getting to Bodrum:

- Flight to Bodrum-Milas airport, from there airport bus to Bodrum

- Flight to Izmir, from there bus to Bodrum (via Izmir Otogar = bus station)

- Flight to Kos, ferry Kos-Bodrum - Flight Berlin Schönefeld to Bodrum

(please note: "Germania" will cease operations!)

Our partner AMH (Academia Mediterranea Halicarnassensis) offers four accommodation options:

İsis Hotel: € 39.00 / €.59.00

Marina Vista: € 49.00 / € 65.00  -  Registration Form For Participants here


Eskichesme Hotel: € 59.00 / € 75.00

Ramada Bodrum: € 79.00 / € 99.00

Transfer airport: One way € 30.00; with return € 50.00.

The hotels reservations will be organised by Akustik Travel to have a very special prices. They are preparing booking form just for our conference.

We want to favour the Marina Vista Hotel as the official conference hotel.

Information on the cost, organization and progress of diving on April 8 and April 9:

Askin Cambazoglu is the head of the dive center. He worked as an underwater archaeologist at the Bodrum Museum for eight years before taking on his own dive center in Bodrum. Askin told us he understands where we want to dive as underwater archaeologists. There are about 20 different dive sites around Bodrum. Most of them have some archaeological artifact such as broken amphorae. Askin has selected six dive sites for us. The briefing will be carried out on the boat before diving in German or English.
To the organization:
The dive boat DENIZCILER is about 20m long and has space for a maximum of 30 divers. The boat is anchored at Halikarnas Pier in Bodrum.


DEGUWA Conference visiting Bodrum


On the occasion of the international conference "In Poseidon's Realm XXIV. Contact Zones: Archaeology between Water and Land, Coasts, Lake and River Shores", the delegations of the event partners DEGUWA, Academia Mediterranea Halicarnassensis, City of Bodrum and Dokuz Eylül University Izmir had been welcomed by Mr. Ahmed Aras, Mayor of the City of Bodrum, in the Bodrum town hall.

During the following discussion, the newly elected Mayor caught up on the content of the conference, underwater archaeology in general and the protection of the underwater cultural heritage. Further discussion topics were inter alia the importance of the cultural heritages  

Maussolleion and the „Pater Historiae“ Herodotos for Bodrum.

Jointly, the attendees agreed that the important cultural heritage of the city and the surrounding area should be conveyed better towards  the public. The conference would make a contribution thereto.

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