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Skyllis, Volume 15

Book 1 contains the conference contributions of In Poseidons Realm XX on the topic "Land under water" in Nuremberg 2015 and further articles.

Book 2 contains conference constributions of the international conference In Poseidon's Realm" XX and XXI in Nuremberg 2015 and Dresden 2016.


Book 1

Table od contents


  • Garry Momber/Sara Rich,
    Postglacial human dispersal across the north-west European landscape
  • Laura Sanna,
    Submerged Landscapes in the Marine Cave of Bergeggi
  • Alexander Fantalkin/Oren Tal,
    When the River Meets the Sea - A Neo-Assyrian Logistical Network in Operation
  • Marta Bajtler,
    Underwater finds from Risan in Montenegro - First insight in finds of the Season 2011
  • Marie-Pierre Jézégou/Patrick Andersch Goodfellow/Jonathan Letuppe/Corinne Sanchez,
    Underwater Construction an Maintenance - A wreck from Late Antiquity used to repair a breach in the bank of the Narbonne harbor channel
  • Shelley Wachsmann,
    "Rafts by the Sea to Jaffa" - The 2014 Ioppa Maritima Project
  • Massimo Capulli,
    Archaeological Landscapes of the Venice Lagoon - The Case of San Francisco Island
  • Ana Crespo Solana,
    Wood Resources, Shipbuilding and Social Environment - The historical context of the ForSEAdiscovery Project
  • Kaldo Trápaga Monchet/António Santos,
    Forestry and timber supply in the royal forests of the Iberian Peninsula through the 16th century
  • Vesna Zmaic Kralj,
    Craft products of Nuremberg from the Mijoka shipwreck
  • Vladimir Romanovich Chepelev,
    Zwei Zaren-Boote auf den Ladoga-Kanälen
  • Nili Liphschitz,
    Common Ash of hull construction timber for shipwrecks and ships in Central and East Mediterranean
  • Nili Liphschitz,
    Oriental Beech as hull construction timber for shipwrecks and ships

Das Bücherbrett

Book 2

Table of contents

  • Salvatore Agizza
    The ancient submerge landscape of the Protected Marine Area of Santa Maria di Castellabate
  • Giorgio De Guidi, Eugenio Nicotra, Philipe Tisseyre, Sebastiano Tusa
    Flood Control at Lipari Harbour - Evidences of rapid late Holocene submergence of the eastern coast of Lipari Island (Italy)
  • Michele Stefanile
    Living by the sea, building in the sea - Underwater researches in Roman maritime villas on the Tyrrhenia coast of Italy: the villa of Gianola
  • Francesca Oliveri
    The Fortress under the lake
  • Roko Suric, Marina Simicic
    Continued Investigation of the Great Osijek Bridge
  • Hans Wilhelm Daehnhardt, Hristomir Smilenov Hristov
    Der Sturm der Seevölker und die Seeschlacht im Nil-Delta
  • Nili Liphschitz, Smiljan Gluscevic
    The Zaton Boat 2 (Croatia) - A Dendroarchaeological Investigation
  • Wojcech Kulesza
    Interdisciplinary research at the early medieval site of Zolte in Poland
  • Philipp Grassel
    Late Hanseatic seafaring from Hamburg and Bremen to the North Atlantic Islands - With a marine archaeological excursus inthe Shetland Islands
  • Isabel Therese Nittel
    A pole structure and a wooden shipwreck in the Baltic Sea - Two sites off the coast of Rostock, Germany
  • Roman Prokhorov, Igor Galayda, Andrey Lukoshkov
    Excavation and conservation of the German ship ERZENGEL RAPHAEL
  • Deborah Cvikel
    The Akko Tower Wreck (Israel) - A multidisciplinary research project based on underwater archaeology
  • Dimitrios Skarlatos, Eleni M. Savvidou
    Coastal survey of archaeological sites using drones
  • Barbora Machova
    Watercourse and water area archaeology - Options of underwater archaeology in different underwater environment in the Czech Republic
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