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Friday, March 20, 2015

Fr. 20.3.2015

Academic Part in the Germanic National Museum: Lectures I

08:00 – 09:00 h


09:00 h

Words of Welcome

09:15 – 10:55 h


  Chair Christoph Börker

Jézégou, Marie-Pierre

To built and maintain under water: a wreck of the Late
Antiquity used in the repair of a breach in the bank of 
the harbour channel of Narbonne


Zmaić Kralj, Vesna

Craft products of Nuremberg from the Mijoka shipwreck


Cohen, Maayan

The Contribution of Metal Finds to the Study of 
Shipwrecks: Test Case – The Akko Tower Wreck


Hoyt, Joe ‒ Delgado, James

Exploring a Submerged WWII Battlefield: Discovery of 
the U576 and Bluefields

10:55 – 11:25 h

Coffee break

11:25 – 13:05 h

Wood as Building Material

  Chair Christoph Schäfer

Liphschitz, Nili

Three Yassi Ada wrecks: a comparative 
dendroarchaeological investigation


Surić, Roko ‒ Šimičić, Marina

New research of Suleyman Bridge in Darda, Croatia 


Crespo-Solana, Ana

Wood Resources, Shipbuilding and Social Environment: 
A Comparative Perspective in Maritime Communities in 
Europe during the First Global Age (XV-XVIII)


Rocha Santos, Antonio ‒ Trápaga Monchet, Koldo

The administration of woodlands (Coutadas, Matas y Sitios
), regarding naval construction, on the Iberian 
Peninsula, during the 16th century

13:05 – 15:00 h

Lunch break

15:00 – 16:50 h

Port Structures


Chair: Hartmut Matthäus


Olkhovskiy, Sergey

Magnetometric Survey in Phanagoria’ Water Area


Wachsmann, Shelley

The Ioppa Maritima Project 


Tal, Oren ‒ Mirkin, Dan

The Castle of Crusader Arsur (Israel) in View of Land
and Maritime Investigations 

16:50 – 17:10 h

Coffee break

17:10 – 18:25 h

Tully, Darina

The Sunken Village of Rosslare Fort, Wexford, Ireland


Ship Iconography


Friedman, Zaraza

Why and what type of ships/boats are depicted in clay
objects from the Greek Geometric to the Roman Periods


Dellaporta, Katerina

Ships on walls: A short contribution on ship iconography 
from Byzantine Cyclades 

19:00 h

Presentation of posters


Afterwards Come together with Franconian specialities



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