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Regional Seminar on Underwater Heritage

From the 1st to the 4th october, 2009  the regional seminar on Underwater Heritage took place in Zadar, Croatia. The seminar became on the occasion of the new International Centre for Underwater Archaeology, Zadar organized by the Ministry of Education and the Arts of the republic Croatia and promoted by the UNESCO-BRESCE. 45 representatives of states and organisations from the area of UNESCO-BRESCE (Southeast-Europe) took part among other things in the ceremonious opening of the ICUA by the Croatian minister of education and the arts Bozo Biskupic.

The representatives of the DEGUWA reported in a seminar paper with the title Year One after Ratification. The situation in Germany and the input of NGOs. about the engagement of the DEGUWA for the underwater cultural heritage protection for future generations and the state of the realisation of the UNESCO convention in Germany. The contribution caused a lively discussion in the lecture hall. On this occasion the topic was, about the question for which reasons Germany has not yet signed the convention after eight years as a leading land in the European community and as a significant cultural nation. The ratification through the federal republic would give a signal for many other lands to move the convention faster in national law.

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Some presentations have been published in the magazine SKYLLIS 2014 Supplement:

  • Robert Yorke, The United Kingdom and the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage 2001
  • Andrew Viduka, A National Perspective of Underwater Cultural Heritage Management in Australia
  • Beat Eschweiler, Prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps
  • Miran Eric/ Saso Poglajen, Seriously endangered maritime underwater heritage in Slovenia
  • Vicente Benitez-Cabrera/Antonio Becerra-Bolanos/Michel Jorge-Millares, Underwater Virtual Maritime Museum in Canary Islands
  • Jose Manuel Mates Luque, Ask not what underwater heritage can do for yot,ask what you can do for underwater heritage - a view from Biscay(Basque Country, Spain)
  • Hanz Günter Martin/Peter Winterstein,Chances and limits of a NGO in underwater cultural management - Twenty years of DEGUWA
  • Jennifer A. Rodriguez/Vicki L. Richards, Strategies for managing Australia's private shipwreck collections
  • Vladimir Kuznetsov/Sergey Olkhovskij, Port Structures of Roman Times in Phanagoria
  • Jorgen Johannessen, In Dire Straits - Archaeology of fear and anxiety in Skjeroysund in Southern Norway
  • Maria Costanza Lentini/David Blackman, The conservation of ancient dockyard sites
  • Karla Gusar/Mate Parica, Some possible examples of presentation of archaeological finds recovered from rescue underwater excavtion in Croatia
  • Massimo Capulli/Alessandro Pellegrini/Arianne Traviglia/Riccardo Rizzotto,Archaeological Impact Assessments (AIA) in underwater environments - A case study from the lagoon of Venice
  • Hanna Steyne Chamberlin, Heritage Management Nirvana - Combining outreach, research andconservation in the management of historic shipwrecks in Victoria, Australia
  • Anita Jelic, The conservation and restoration in the managementof historic shipwrecks in Victoria, Australia
  • Antonija Josic, Finds from the Szent Istvan shipwreck - The conservation and restoration
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