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International Conference for Underwater Archaeology

Since 1997, the DEGUWA has maintained links with the networks of various communities of states and has initiated the International Conference for Underwater Archaeology IKUWA as a recurring meeting of the international professional community. The conference was held for the first time in Sassnitz on the island of Rügen in 1999, with significant financial support by the European Commission.

The IKUWA is a global network of different cooperating institutions and organisations which organises conferences focusing on international aspects of underwater archaeology. It aims at the promotion of greater public interest in the preservation of underwater heritage and at the creation of a common set of rules.
On the occasion of the conference IKUWA 4 in Zadar Dr. H. G. Martin was appointed as Chairperson of the IKUWA Seering Committee. With the Steering Committee, it will be his task to support the respective organisers of the International Conference for Underwater Archaeology (IKUWA) in their planning and preparation process with the experience gained in former conferences.


IKUWA 1 in Sassnitz on Rügen/Germany 1999
In cooperation with the DEGUWA, the Archaeological Museum of the Land of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern published the
IKUWA 1 conference proceedings:Protection of Underwater Heritage. Change of European culture through riverine and maritime trade. Contributions to the International Conference for Underwater Archaeology.
IKUWA 2, Zürich/Switzerland 2004
IKWA 2 focused on the question of the extent to which the historical picture has been changed by research in underwater archaeology in recent decades and which research questions might prove most rewarding in the future. The contributions were published in 2006, in the monograph series
"Antiqua", vol. 40. 
IKUWA 3 in London/Great Britain 2008
Further information at
(IKUWA 3). Following the conference, a Field School focused on a joint strategy on what, how and why archaeologists document the remains of ships and boats.
IKUWA 4, Zadar/Croatia 2011
The conference, hosted by the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology and under the auspices of the UNESCO, concentrated on topics of "Managing the underwater cultural heritage". Report and photos
IKUWA 5, Cartagena/Spanien 2014
The international conference on Underwater Archaeology IKUWA 5 took place in the Museo Nacional de Arqueología Subacuática ARQVA (Cartagena/Spanien), 14.-19. October 2014 on the subject of "Heritage for Humanity".

IKUWA 6, Perth/Australia 2016
In preparation
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