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Report: NAS2 | 2005 Rostock

Trilateration and offset measurements as well as sketching with a drawing frame were carried out by the diving participants.  A detailed  survey report is to be completed eventually and forms the basis for the accreditation of this course as NAS part 2 by the DEGUWA.

In recent years the 'Schiffsarchäologische Seminar' gained an acknowledged status as hitherto unique university block seminar for underwater archaeology in theory and practise throughout Germany. With the certification as NAS part 2 course through the DEGUWA, this seminar is compatible to the NAS training scheme.

At the same time it does not compete with the training for the archaeological rsearch diver. It is not aimed to qualify professional underwater archaeologists. Methods and target group of the seminar or generally all NAS courses vary decisively. The 'Schiffsarchäologische Seminar' aims to be a platform, which provides high standard insights into the world of nautical archaeology for students, sport divers and historically interested persons. Even though the situation of the Institute for Antiquities at the University of Rostock appears uncertain, it is intended to continue the 'Schiffsarchäologische Seminar' with a lectureship as NAS 2 course.

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