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Report: NAS2 | 2005 Rostock

25 participants from the entire German-speaking area  - including Austria and Switzerland - have arrived. The group was mainly composed of students seeking for advanced training possibilities as well as historically interested sport divers. For the ambitioned sport diver  the 'Schiffsarchäologisches Seminar' is highly interesting, because as NAS 2 course it is integrated in the five-stepped progressive training scheme offered by the VDST and DEGUWA.

This seminar took altogether 14 days – splitted up into two practise groups, a theoretical lecture as well as a 2-day excursion. The maritime recreational facility MS LIKEDEELER was an excellent setting: Amply seminar rooms, jetties, accommodation, a beach for dry runs and last not least the very helpful staff of this youth facility.
At the 4-day lecture module Dr. Ronald Bockius (RGZM Mainz) gave a discerning,  energetic and expert introduction into the world of: Central and North European Shipbuilding - Emergence and Development From a Technological and Cultural Perspective. He gave an overview on the history and development of shipbuilding between the Orient and northern Europe from around 3000 B.C. to Late Antiquity as reflected by ship finds, complemented by iconographic and historical sources. A visit at the nearby maritime museum of Rostock deepened these insights.
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