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Report: NAS2 | 2005 Rostock

The X. 'Schiffsarchäologische Seminar' of the University of Rostock and the 'Gesellschaft für Schiffsarchäologie e.V.'*

Author: Henrik Pohl M.A.

Since 1996 the University of Rostock has carried out every summer the  'Schiffsarchäologisches Seminar' in collaboration with the 'Gesellschaft für Schiffsarchäologie' as block course. The aim of this university-based educational series is the mediation of basic knowledge in the filed of nautical archaeolgy in theory and practise. With the 10th 'Schiffsarchäologisches Seminar' this series commemmorated in 2005 a remarkable jubilee.

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* Schiffsarchäologische Seminar = Ship Archaeological Seminar
   Gesellschaft für Schiffsarchäologie = Society for Ship Archaeology
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